Sports and Recreational Camps

At Falcon Sports, we believe in providing our academy kids with more than just training sessions on the field. Our sports and recreational camps offer a unique opportunity for players to bond, develop teamwork skills, and immerse themselves in new cultural experiences.

Whether it’s exploring local destinations within the UAE or embarking on international adventures, our camps cater to a diverse range of experiences. This is one of the things that make us unique.

Spain Camp 2023

Our 2023 summer camp in Spain was a thrilling adventure filled with exciting activities, cultural exploration, and of course, plenty of football. From training sessions led by experienced coaches to friendly matches against local teams, our players had the opportunity to enhance their skills while experiencing the rich football culture of Spain.
We are already planning the next international summer trip for 2024 – for parents of academy kids, get in touch to secure your spot.

Bowling Trip – UAE

Apart from our international trips, sometimes the academy children desire to go on local trips. Our coaches setup a trip to local bowling centre for some fun! Beyond the lanes, the kids enjoyed friendly competition, team bonding, and the chance to unwind in a relaxed setting.

Join us on future camps!

If you are interested in joining our next international camp, get in touch and our team can facilitate. To join our academy, go here.