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Falcon Sports operates across the UAE, spanning Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain, with plans to expand to Dubai soon. With our wide geographical reach and diverse range of sporting initiatives, we offer a range of sponsorship opportunities designed to showcase your brand and support the growth of sports in the UAE.

Types of Sponsorship Available:

1. Falcon FC 1st Team Sponsorship: Align your brand with Falcon FC, our esteemed football club competing in the 3rd division of the UAE league.

2. Academy Teams Sponsorship: Support the development of young talent by sponsoring our academy teams, providing them with resources to excel on the field.

3. Youth or Corporate Leagues Sponsorship: Engage with the community by sponsoring our youth or corporate leagues, increasing participaytion rates and healthy competition.

4. Sponsorship at Various Sports Events: Reach thousands of attendees by sponsoring our diverse range of sports events held throughout the year. From football tournaments to sports events, there’s an opportunity for your brand to shine.

For local businesses seeking targeted exposure, we also offer location-specific sponsorship opportunities tailored to your needs.

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